When Midwife Means Missionary

A post by a sweet friend…blessed by her kind words…

Krysann Joye

Because every woman deserves to know how capable she is. That her creator has endowed her with the strength of lions and wind and oceans. That she has been chosen among humans to weave together Life in her womb and that the work it takes to separate herself from that life is heroic.

Every woman. Here, there, everywhere. Every woman.

Because fear has no place in the carved out space God intended for Life and someone needs to tell it to get out.

Carrie, the woman who assisted in the births of my children, who has been a friend and mentor here in my early mothering is amazing in her own right. She is a beloved daughter of God with all the messy glory that comes with that and her heart has been totally captured by her Father’s work in childbearing women – specifically women laboring in places where they…

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One response to “When Midwife Means Missionary

  1. Remarkably beautiful! She captured you and your call perfectly. So blessed to know you and the Blake family, Carrie!

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