unsung heroes of the faith

You are one of those…the unsung heroes of the faith.unsung heroes (2)

You are one of those who shows up for us.** You …

  • pray for us.
  • provide us a warm, comfortable place to stay when we go “home”.
  • feed us so well when we’re there and make sure that we have good coffee to drink.
  • lick hundreds and hundreds of envelopes for us.
  • let us stand in front of your church and try to relate in 5 minutes all that God is doing in Niger.
  • laugh with us and cry with us.
  • send encouraging emails and notes at just the right moments.
  • have sold your belongings in order to allow us to be goers.
  • carry things across the ocean for us.
  • may not understand why it is that Alfredo packets are a precious commodity … but you put them in envelopes and send them anyway.
  • pray for the people of Niger.
  • like our Facebook posts (a huge encouragement for us to know that you’re “there”)
  • help us round up obscure pieces of paper so that we can obtain obscure visas.
  • check in on our kids who no longer live overseas.
  • have sometimes slipped a little money in our pocket or our American bank account, not even realizing that that gift paid for our gas to get us to the next town or took care of a needed expense in one of our projects in Niger.
  • share our story and the story of how God is using us and you in His big story.
  • have raised money for us.
  • quietly and sacrificially and faithfully make donations to our account.
  • pray for us.
  • have your kids draw us pictures and ante up the crazy cost of sending them to us, just so that we can get mail in our box once in a while.
  • have caught the vision of making Jesus known where He is least known.
  • do so much more than we could ever capture in a little list on a blog post …

You are the unsung heroes of the faith. So often the “goers” are called out as the unsung heroes of the faith. But, no, we think that it is you. You are the unsung heroes. Goers so often get the praise … but you, you the senders, are the Saints.

Without you, the kingdom work we get to be part of in Niger would be stalled. Without you, there would be no wind in our sails. You are the chocolate chips in our cookies (literally and figuratively … should have put chocolate chips on the bullet list!). You are the cheese to our macaroni and the gravy to our potatoes.  We go together and you are the quiet, unsung hero of the relationship.

Goers know there would be no going without the sending.

You are one of those “We couldn’t do this without you” people. You understand our passion, you see our calling, and say, “Yes. I am here for you”. Chances are, we haven’t thanked you enough, not enough to reflect all that you mean to us, to our work. Chances are that when we do see you, we are so excited that we may even forget to say thank you in a loud and clear manner. For this, we apologize.  For us, you are the heroes. You deserve the praise, not us.

2017 has come to a close. 2018 is here with all of it’s promise and opportunity. We want you to know that we are entering this year with immense gratitude for you – the unsung heroes of the faith.  We are grateful for all of the big and small ways that you support us. We are humbled to walk this journey of faith and service with you. Truly, we could not be here if it weren’t for you.


** credit to the Miles family who published a similar post. it moved us so much and captured so much of what we wanted to relay to you as we head into 2018 that we borrowed the basic format of this bullet list and pointing out who the true saints of the faith are from them.

One response to “unsung heroes of the faith

  1. Hey Blakes!

    Bob & Carol sending greetings from Wales, U.K. We are spending 3 weeks with our oldest daughter and family and will be returning on Jan 6 to fly to Paraguay for an expended Short term. We’ve been asked to return and help orient 5 new families to life and learning in Paraguay.

    So transition is in the wind for all of us. We love this life of serving the Lord. Your letter was creative.

    We often think of you and pray for you as you take one step at a time.

    Hugs and Happy New Year.

    Bob and Carol.

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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