Azamalan Jewelry – Christmas 2018

Christmas shopping made easy (scroll down for the pics of the jewelry. sorry for the poor photo quality).  Click on the photo of the piece you would like to purchase, then leave a comment on that particular photo to claim the piece.  We will then send you info regarding how to pay for the item (PayPal preferred).  First come First served.  NOTE:  The listed price does NOT include postage.  We request that you include an additional $7 in your payment to cover packaging and shipping costs.

…but first a little bit of history and explanation …

When we started this journey to and in Niger, we offered you inexpensive Tamajaq (from the Tahoua region) jewelry.  It was not pure silver, but an alloy.  As God has moved us around and we’ve formed more relationships, we have come to love and prefer the PURE SILVER jewelry from the Agadez region.  When we came to the States this summer, we brought a bit of this jewelry with us to sell to you at great prices – the same price as you would pay if you walked into the shop in Niamey and purchased the jewelry directly from the artisans.  These artisans have become our dearest friends and family when we are in our home-away-from home.  We love and respect them and are awed at the rustic processes used to create these pieces.  It is a privilege to learn from them the ancient arts of jewelry-making.  Their work is impeccable and each piece is unique.  When you purchase this jewelry, you help support families in Niger and enable the artisans to continue practicing their craft.




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