T -50 days and counting

In June, when we arrived in the USA, January 1 seemed so, so far away.  It’s shocking to count the days in our calendar and realize that there are only 50 (FIFTY!) sleeps left until we are scheduled to board the plane to return to Niger.  When we arrived, we were really looking forward to not having to raise a lot of new support while we were here.  Alas, after we sat down with the finances guys at SIM headquarters and crunched all of the numbers, the reality hit us upside the head:  We had run at 100% supported for the last 3 years (PRAISE GOD!), but our budget had not been sufficient to meet the needs, especially the ministry needs.  The result? We increased our budget to meet our ministry needs (again, PRAISE GOD that He has blessed us with so many opportunities to reach the unreached and bless the poor and uneducated) and address some of the shortfall in the past years.

After that meeting, the reality was that we needed to raise about $2000 a month in ongoing support. We didn’t increase our budget by that much per month. The $2000/month increase includes the increased budget, back shortfalls, as well as addresses some loss of support through natural attrition over the past 3 years.

The great news?!?!  As of today, our monthly support commitments have increased by about $700 per month.

The important take-away from this blog post?  Our plane tickets are for January 1, 2019.  SIM will not release us to get on that plane unless another $1300/month of ongoing support is committed to.   Please pray.

We are still very confident that God is fast at work in this thing we call missions and that we are in His will serving in Niger. We are convinced that He is doing amazing things in our lives, in your lives, and in the lives of the people of Niger as are result of our service there. We are anxious to get back home and continue the work of making Jesus’ name known in that desert place.  (let’s face it – it’s time to switch back from coffee to tea … Show Up. Drink Coffee Tea. Talk Jesus.)

The world says, “Worry, fear that you won’t be stepping foot on that plane on January 1.”

God says, “I got this. Fear not.”

We choose to rest in that .. and pray .. and hope that those of you whom He is nudging to give financially are willing to do so.   If that’s you, THANK YOU! …and please take a moment to fill out the little contact form at the bottom of the page so that we can make adjustments to our “committed to” spreadsheet.  What if by Thanksgiving all of our support was committed to?!?! You can bet you’d get an amazing Thanksgiving email in your box! 😉  (you’ll get one either way, lol.)

It’s possible to give online using this link: donate-support-buttonIf you prefer snail mail, please let us know and we’ll get you the info.

….and please take a moment to fill out this contact form … let us know that you’re praying …. and if it applies, let us know if you are one of the people who God has been nudging to help close the gap …




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