T-shirts 2016

We have a new t-shirt design!  We will drop two bulk orders.  The first one on November 1 and the second one on December 1, 2016.

tshirt-2016Want one? Great!  There is no set price. Just send along a gift, you pick the amount. All profits will go toward our SIM ministry. In particular, we are thinking we will use these profits for SD cards and devices that we load with in-language media like the Jesus Film. We do hope that enough is donated to at least cover the cost of the shirts (~$10 each) and shipping.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Tell us what size you want in the “Message” section of PayPal. When we receive your gift, we’ll contact you if there are any questions. Include your mailing address! Shirts should get to you by the third(ish) week of the month if all goes smoothly.

*note. This is not tax deductible.  If you prefer to make a gift directly into our SIM account, please click here:  Blake SIM Missionaries 029349


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  1. Sorry, that doesn’t answer my question. I’m no ‘slim Jim’.

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