The work

Our family serves as long-term cross-cultural missionaries with SIM. Our current (and possibly forever!) assignment is Niger, West Africa. Sean’s job is Countrywide Projects Manager and IT Consultant/ Administrator for Galmi Hospital and the SIM Niamey office. Carrie is working as a Midwifery Tutor and her current projects include teaching Medical English, helping to develop curriculum for a new nursing & midwifery school, and providing prenatal consultations for missionaries.  Our favorite way to spend time? Drinking tea with our friends, learning about life in Niger, and discussing the differences and similarities between the Muslim and Christian faiths. We are actively involved with media ministry: getting films and audio bibles into the hands of people who are searching for truth and all of the followup that goes with that, such as watching films on tablets with people, answering questions, starting bible studies, and praying a lot!

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